Why Choose Us?

We want you to gain. We want you to grow. Our goals should never be to lose. Our mindset is the root, the key, the magic to making things happen. We change our mindset to a positive, and ignore the negative – we make magic happen.


So, instead of gearing up to loose something, we want our members to grow, and gain along the journey to happy, healthy, & fit. Let us explain.


When you join us at Solomon Training Systems, you get so much more than a gym membership that leaves you guessing, or a video that repeats itself over and over again.

  • You will gain confidence
  • You will grow strong muscles
  • You will gain friendships
  • You will grow new abilities you didn’t know were possible
  • You will gain energy
  • You will grow a love for exercise, and your body will start to crave it
  • You will gain knowledge about nutrition
  • You will grow a healthy relationship with food
  • You will gain knowledge
  • You will grow spiritually
  • You will gain respect for yourself
  • You will grow love for yourself

You see, when your mindset changes, that is when the magic happens. The best part… whatever you thought you wanted to lose in the beginning… it’s gone now, and replaced with happy, healthy, and fit…. and more than likely a new smaller pair of jeans!! 😉

You will CHANGE… oh yes, you will love STS

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